THE ONCE-favorite sport of the late countryside development advocate and Laus Group of Companies (LGC) founder Levy P. Laus, golf, has became an avenue to raise funds for the benefit of needy Kapampangan students.

The first-ever Levy P. Laus Memorial Golf Cup was held yesterday at the Pradera Verde Golf and Country Club in this town.

Around 140 players, most of them customers of LGC, participated in the sporting event which was led by LGC President Paul Tristan A. Laus.

According to the younger Laus, the Levy P. Laus Memorial Golf Cup is primarily held to remember his father, Levy, whose third year death anniversary was commemorated on April 25.

“This is very important to us, especially our family, because we are able to keep our father’s memory alive and we are also able to gather his closest friends and enjoy the sport that he likes which is golf,” he said.


Aside from celebrating Levy’s love for golf, Paul Tristan said the golf cup also aims to continue what his father started which is assisting less fortunate youth go to school.

“This is actually a free tournament but participants have donated at least P1,000 which will go to a good cause through the Levy P. Laus Foundation where we have numerous young scholars,” he said.

Paul Tristan expressed gratitude participants for their continuous support to the advocacies of his father and their company.

Also present during the event were LGC Board of Directors Carissa Laus and Diorella Laus, and other company executives.


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