Changhe Automobile to introduce much-awaited vehicle line-up in PH

Jiangxi Changhe Automobile Co., Ltd. also known as Changhe Automobile is set to make its way in the Philippines through the LausAutoGroup. The Chinese automotive brand is aiming to redefine the way consumers perceive China-made cars.

First and foremost, it is keen on introducing a wide range of value-for-money vehicles that take pride of its edge in terms of design, performance, refinement, and engineering. These major qualities are what made the renowned Chinese carmaker—recognized as the pioneering owner of Suzuki Technology—a household brand in over 30 countries across Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia.

So, what has made Changhe Automobile a brand fit to compete on the world-stage? Two reasons: By bringing consistent customer satisfaction and by becoming a reliable travel service provider through its cutting-edge passenger cars, multipurpose vehicles (MPVs), sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and light commercial vehicles (CVs).

Among the brand’s acclaimed products in the CV category include the K22 Mini Truck, dubbed as “Work Buddy” and the highly-efficient Freedom Mini Truck, both of which features a double cabin.

Moreover, aspiring buyers who are looking for SUVs that exceed the boundaries of “sport” and “utility” function can find what they are looking for in Changhe’s flagship Q7 which was recently launched earlier this year.

The five-seater SUV is strikingly masculine in appearance with its black grille, black pillars, and seemingly thick roof. Among its high-tech features are its innovative infotainment system which can be controlled through its giant 12-inch touch screen LCD.

Meanwhile, those with much more complex needs like additional space, seat, or cabin can opt for Changhe’s versatile MPVs like the M50S and M70 which boast of its strong design language and dependability on the road as its major selling point.

Experience these revolutionary units that deliver outstanding driving pleasure, upon the opening of Changhe Automobile’s first ever dealership in the country, this coming October.

—Erika Mariel Gines and JTD