Central Luzon’s biggest most modern LED wall shines December 18, 2017 PAMPANGA. LausGroup of Companies Chairman and CEO Levy P. Laus, Mayor Edwin Santiago and LausGroup executives flash the “Fernandino First” sign during the ceremonial switching of Central Luzon’s newest LED wall at the LausGroup Complex along Jose Abad Santos Avenue in the City of San Fernando on January 8, 2018. (Chris Navarro) A NEW digital display is captivating motorists passing along the Jose Abad Santos Avenue (Jasa) in the City of San Fernando, as one of Central Luzon’s biggest, most modern LED (light emitting diode) wall was switched on Monday, January 8, by the LausGroup of Companies (LGC). Aptly called the “Jasa LED Wall,” the megascreen, which measures six meters by nine meters, is capable of showcasing high-resolution photos, videos and text that can be uploaded, customized, and updated whenever the operator sees fit. LGC Chairman Levy P. Laus said the state-of-the-art signage is the latest solution for businesses and companies who want to interact with clients in a fast, convenient and cost-effective way. He said it was not only built to maximize interactivity and display up-to-the-minute content for advertisers, but also acts as the city’s centerpiece, reaching tremendous audiences coming from and out of Central Luzon. “We have made the leap to digital sign technology as we believe that this is the future of communication. We constructed this LED wall not only to promote our own products and services, but also to cater and help businesses here in the province as we provide them efficient and flexible commercial display for their advertising needs,” Laus said. “Furthermore, the use of this electronic billboard is not only limited for commercial use as this structure, as we envision, will also serve as a tool for information campaigns and significant advocacies of our local government. Hopefully, this will also be a sign that the City of San Fernando and Central Luzon is steadily embracing some of the best practices that we see in Metro Manila,” he added. For his part, City of San Fernando Mayor Edwin Santiago said the Jasa LED wall signifies that the city is leveling up in terms of technology. He described the new structure as a “digital media breakthrough” that the city takes pride of. “As we know, part of our New San Fernando concept is to make full use of information technology. And with this new innovation, we are a step closer in our vision of becoming a smart city which is one component of the New San Fernando,” he said. In behalf of the City Government, he thanked the Laus Group of Companies for the said investment. “We are really thankful to the LausGroup headed by Mr. Levy Laus, as we now have a new way of promoting the city and the Fernandinos. We are confident that with this new LED wall, we can communicate better with our local citizens, and even tourists and prospective investors,” he said. The Jasa LED wall stands at the front of the LausGroup Complex, which houses auto dealerships, dining outlets, event center, and a soon-to-open hotel.