The Chevrolet Sail, the newest member of the Chevrolet line of cars and SUVs, got a “big splash” welcome from Chevy lovers, motoring enthusiasts, LausAutoGroup executives and bank partners during its debut and launching at Chevrolet Pampanga along Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Dolores village, City of San Fernando on Wednesday, August 3.

“We are proud and excited to introduce to you the latest member of the Chevrolet family – the Sail. This car is equipped with all the features that modern Filipinos demand from their vehicles. Let us not forget, it is a Chevrolet with more than 100 years of engineering and innovation, ensuring nothing less than a top notch and high value for money product,” shared LausGroup of Companies Executive Director Carisa Laus.

The Covenant Car Company, Inc. Assistant Vice-President and Director for Customer Relations Paulo Lagrimas added that Chevy Sail’s “big splash” comes from its top of the line features never before seen on its class. “The Chevy Sail has responsive and fuel efficient MPFI 1.3L VVT and 1.5L VVT engines, a 9 inch touchscreen infotainment system, rear view reverse camera with 16GB head unit, mobile connect with Google voice search, responsive automatic transformation with active select manual mode, aggressive 16-inch gunmetal alloy wheels, comfortable interior with a lot of space, an extensive five year warranty and oh, that standard inbuilt sunroof for a lot of class and cool driving experience,” he said.

The Sail he said, is perfect for young urban professionals and millennials considering its value for money. “Definitely, the Sail will be your first car. Noting like it will give yuppies and millennials as well as motoring enthusiasts that sheer driving pleasure. “Love this Chevy!” – JDT

For more of the Chevy Sail, visit Chevrolet Pampanga, Jose Abad Santos Avenue, City of San Fernando (Pampanga) or call 045 963 3333/ 045 963 2533 or 0918 8542789.