Dencio’s celebrates opening night with exciting gigs, food, and drinks MUSIC, food, and ice-cold drinks overflowed during the formal opening of Dencio’s, one of the leading Filipino food chains of the Event Centre Restos located at the LausGroup Complex in the City of San Fernando. The Friday night event was highlighted by special performances from no other than renowned Pinoy band TrueFaith, who were joined by other featured artists Kristel Estepa, Melissa Undag, and Sileph band. Another special part of the program was the ceremonial cheers and the ceremonial sizzle of the Sisig—an exciting tradition done in every Dencio’s store opening. “The first sizzle of the Sisig symbolizes our commitment in every city we go and bring warmth to. For the last 26 years, Dencio’s has been the go-to place for precious moments with families, friends, and officemates. We’re happy to finally be here in San Fernando, and we look forward to serving our Kapampangan customers with the best Krispy Sisig and other Filipino dishes we’re accustomed to,” Dencio’s COO Gretz Rivera said. Head of the Max’s Group Robert Trota, shared that he is happy that Dencio’s found its new home in the City of San Fernando. He furthered that he is positive that the newly-opened dining outlet will be embraced by Kapampangan food lovers. “We’ve been partners with the LausGroup for over 18 years, when we opened Max’s in Dau. We’ve been partners ever since, and we’re very happy to be partnering again in this venture that we know will also be a success, knowing that it is managed by the passionate and customer-centric leaders of the LausGroup, Mr. Levy and Ma’am Tess,” he said. Laus Group of Companies Chairman and CEO Levy P. Laus then relayed that he is committed to provide the best service, ambiance, and food to his kabalens, through Dencio’s. “This new venture is dedicated to the people of Pampanga and of San Fernando. They were the reason why we built this place, the Event Centre Restos, where they can indulge in high-quality dining experience at an affordable price and of course in an upscale and modern ambiance that is secured and easily-accessible,” he said. He added that he looks forward to introducing more ventures and exciting events that will bring prestige to the name of the province and the lifestyle of Kapampangans. “We are always looking for more ways to give our kabalens the best that life has to offer. In fact, we will be hosting yet another must-see event this coming November 23, as we welcome world-renowned balladeer Engelbert Humperdinck at the LausGroup Event Centre,” he noted. “We are very thrilled that for the first time, we will be having international artists, ahead of Metro Manila. This is a privilege not only for the LausGroup, but of the province of Pampanga as well,” he said.