NEW Laus Group of Companies (LGC) president Paul Tristan A. Laus disclosed over the weekend that the conglomerate remains strong as ever given the legacy, wisdom, and spirit left by his father, the late chairman and chief executive officer Levy P. Laus. The young Laus, the eldest among five siblings, told SunStar Pampanga that since day one after his father’s untimely demise, the Laus Group has continued to do business and serve its customers and clients. “During my father’s wake we never stopped monitoring the business. In fact, we never stopped doing business at all. We continued serving our clients and we continued fulfilling our commitments with the banks, suppliers and principals. All of these continued from day one,” he said. After his father was buried, Laus shared that the family called for a board meeting chaired by his mother Tess and discussed matters pertaining to operations of Laus Group. “With the assistance of the executive committee composed of key officers of the Laus Group including the five directors – us siblings – and my mother of course, we met to strategize to continue what my father started since day one. We decided unanimously that Lisset [Laus-Velasco] will be the chairman and I, president. We want to professionalize LGC as our father has trained us very well, even in approaching life without an easy way out. So now we are managing the business and standing up to the challenges and I am confident we could do it. Now that the torch or baton has been passed to us, it is very smooth because of the training our father gave us. I am personally very confident that Chairman and CEO Lisset will lead us in carrying the torch of Laus Group,” he said. The “show goes on” Laus stressed, as what his father always wanted it to be, for the benefit of LGC stakeholders. “We would like to guarantee our customers and clients, partners, suppliers and all stakeholders that LGC is very strong and we are determined to continue the legacy of my father particularly for our 2,000 plus employees because they are our motivation. The plan is to further strengthen the conglomerate,” he said. Continue building, touching lives As his father is a strong advocate of countryside development and corporate social responsibility, Laus said that they will continue building and touching lives by reaching out farther to communities in North and Central Luzon. “Definitely, we cannot duplicate what my father has done and we, siblings, admit that. He has built relationships with stakeholders and various communities for a long time. But we could always be as close with communities and people. We would continue to touch lives by emulating our dad on how he handled his life. It will be a reflection of him – not us but through us – in doing what he loved like his love for the City of San Fernando and Pampanga as well as being a strong advocate of countryside development in North and Central Luzon. We will develop not only Pampanga but neighboring provinces to touch lives like those of employees and their families,” he added. “The main focus will be the Laus Group to do all these and our family is very happy to continue our father’s legacy. It could be a better Laus Group as our father wished,” concluded Laus. (JTD)