PAMPANGA-BASED conglomerate, Laus Group of Companies (LGC), leads in spreading the holiday cheer, as it adorns and lights up the Laus Group Complex Event Centre Boulevard in San Fernando to signal the start of the Christmas season.

Illuminating the bustling business district of San Fernando, the facade of the Laus Group’s headquarters symbolizes optimism and hope among its communities amid these unfamiliar times.

The Laus Group main office, together with their displays in their dealership showrooms, invites families, friends, and neighborhoods to come together in the Christmas Capital of the Philippines with renewed hope for the country in the coming of the holidays.

As LGC marks the first year of its operations under a new generation of leaders, the company ushers in a new design to embody the innovation and creativity of the young Laus management.

This year, the Laus Group seeks to better promote its local culture by putting up its Tree of Hope together with various decorations along the boulevard, which aims to showcase the abilities of the Kapampangan craftsmen. Thus, the company has sourced all decorations for its Christmas displays from within the region in order to support the livelihood of Kapampangan designers and carpenters, who were affected by the nationwide lockdown.

“The Laus Group’s advocacy has always been to promote unity in our region, either through our commitment to develop the countryside or through simple gestures of hope. This is what we want to promote with our festivities this year. In our own simple way, we want the people of San Fernando to know that despite their struggles and uncertainties, their countrymen and their community will always be there for them,” said Lisset Laus-Velasco, chairman and chief executive officer of the Laus Group of Companies.

According to Laus Group, the Tree of Hope and decorations along LGC Boulevard symbolize the culmination of months of service that its employees have offered towards its communities in the region. Employees and customers of the Laus Group of Companies are also encouraged to write down their messages and wishes for the upcoming holidays and hang these on the Christmas trees in various Laus Group dealership rooms come Christmas day.

“Our employees have been the key to our continued growth and success throughout the past couple of months. As a company, we aim to provide them the tools to succeed, but at the same time, we never forget the hard work and sacrifices they put in for their customers and community. With these decorations, we wanted to turn our workplace into a space where anyone can spread this gratefulness and optimism,” said Paul Laus, president of the Laus Group of Companies.

The holiday decorations serve as an addition to several upgrades that the Laus Group has applied on its operations, such as the renovation of its premier Mitsubishi Carworld Pampanga showroom, and mounting of new LEDs on the walls of their Mini Showroom within the Laus Group Complex to entertain their customers as they visit the dealership establishments.

For Lisset Laus-Velasco, the ability to adapt to customer needs encapsulates the company’s mission of developing the countryside through their passion for customer care.

“Each year, our celebration of the holidays is always accompanied by efforts to give back to the community through our better services and timely renovations. Our Lights-on tradition is just one example of how we stand together with our community, as we always have throughout the past four decades of the LausGroup,” added Lisset Laus-Velasco.

“We recognize how we are able to continue to progress throughout these times and that gratitude fuels our efforts to aid in the region’s further development,” Laus-Velasco added.

The Laus Group Lights-on has been open for public viewing every day since September 19, 2020 and will remain open for the rest of the holiday season.

Residents and visitors of San Fernando may view the Company’s holiday displays at the Laus Group Complex Event Centre Boulevard and by visiting any of its San Fernando car dealerships. (PR)