CONCEPTION town Mayor Andy Lacson led his constituents in the local government of Concepcion on January 25, 2021, to formally receive two Mitsubishi Stradas and two Mirage units from Carworld, Inc.

The said units were part of the local government’s program to enhance its police rescue and ambulatory services in the municipality, as it also procured what they had coined “turbulences,” or three-wheeled ambulance units, among others.

Highlighting the fortification of its local police services were the two Strada units; one dedicated as a police patrol unit, and the other as a rescue unit, while two Mirage units served as police cars.

Carworld, Inc. has created a niche in providing fleet requirements for local government units. Such is the trust and confidence rewarded to them for not only providing reliable Mitsubishi vehicles at the best available price but also providing the best customer service attainable.

Carworld, Inc. continues its pursuit to reach out to customers as far and wide as they possibly can; to provide their automotive needs and the satisfying experience that is truly Carworld, whether in sales or after-sales.

This has been the DNA of the LausGroup – a diverse conglomerate whose core business is automotive dealerships and service centers, complemented by ancillary and non-automotive businesses – of which Carworld, Inc. is its parent company. It has spanned 42 years not creating cars but creating happy, satisfied customers.