WITH the rising number of Covid-19 variant cases across the country, the LausGroup of Companies (LGC) has started the inoculation of AstraZeneca vaccines for employees in its dealerships in the National Capital Region (NCR).

The Pampanga-based conglomerate’s vaccination program — which began at the end of July — follows the arrival of the first 1,150,800 doses for the private sector procured through a tripartite agreement led by the GoNegosyo Foundation, the National Government, and British biopharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca, with more doses expected to arrive in tranches until the fourth quarter of 2021.

The company will also extend its vaccination program to its headquarters and offices in Pampanga, as part of its efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus in the region, particularly among its employees, their dependents, and communities across Central and Northern Luzon.

Last July 13, The LausGroup Event Centre also hosted the vaccination of almost 2,600 residents of the City of San Fernando, as part of its efforts to help the national and local government in reaching the desired herd immunity.

“We want our employees to continue serving our customers and the community without the fear of being infected by the virus as well as give our consumers the assurance of safety and security while being present in our dealerships. This is also our small way of helping our country to fast track our recovery from this pandemic,” said LGC Chairman and CEO Lisset Laus-Velasco.

“The LausGroup of companies will continue to implement health and safety protocols within its dealerships and other establishments, especially with the entry of the Covid-19 Delta variant. We all wish for an end to this pandemic but for now, we push for everyone to get vaccinated and to stay safe and healthy so as to not cause additional burden to all our hardworking frontliners,” added Laus Group of Companies President Paul Laus.

With these health and safety measures in place, LGC aims to continue its longstanding efforts to promote countryside development and recovery, especially during this time where the country continues to battle the spread of Covid-19.