Paul Tristan A. Laus, SunStar Pampanga, President

SUNSTAR PAMPANGA has come a long way at 26 and continues to move ahead with its mission as a vanguard of the Fourth Estate, that is, to provide the public with all the essential information needed in the midst of challenges before us, primarily the pandemic and economic recovery.

Rising on every occasion, your SunStar Pampanga, the only daily newspaper in Central Luzon, forges ahead to the future, filling rooms for improvement in harmony to changes in the countryside landscape, one which the LausGroup and its founder, Levy P. Laus, has always embraced and advocated in the name of development and whose legacy we carry on.

Indeed, the new normal unfolding before us now calls for prudently utilizing resources to the max, so to speak, particularly the boom in technology. That is why SunStar Pampanga, without losing grip on tradition, started revving up its social media platforms with digital programs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, along with its website and many more in the pipeline along the journey we have chosen to take.

Two decades and six years now, SunStar Pampanga, together with LausGroup’s regional stations DwRW 95.1 FM and CLTV36, shall continue its mandate of uplifting lives, reaching out and bringing timely, appropriate and within ethical standards news and information — good and bad — delivered by an experienced team each day from the beat to your eyes.

As we boost our capabilities in both print and digital platforms, we join hands with you as you have always been part of us. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our faithful readers, advertisers, clients, news sources, friends and colleagues in the media industry.

Let’s move ahead together, for the better!