IN HONOR of the late Laus Group of Companies founder Levy P. Laus (LPL), an avenue was named after him by one of the top business locators in Clark Freeport.

The Levy Laus Avenue, located inside Berthaphil Complex, was named by business owners and stockholders inside the business estate led by Peter Herman.

Big industrial estates like the Berthaphil inside this Freeport have given names to the streets on land leased out to them.

Herman presented the avenue sign to LGC President Paul Laus, son of the late LPL in the latter’s recent visit here.

Paul thanked Herman not just for the street name, but also for the friendship he established with the family from his late father up to the present.

The late Levy P. Laus was a leading advocate for countryside development. He served as president and chief executive officer of the Clark Development Corporation from 2006 to 2008.

In 1978, LPL put up a small automotive dealership — with meager capital and just three cars on display.

Today, Laus Group of Companies is a diversified conglomerate of automotive dealerships and is now considered the largest multi-brand dealership network in the Philippines.

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